Easy doughnuts

By Monica van de Weerd
Lockdown Doughnuts

Easy doughnuts made with apple cider vinegar!

This morning I woke up with a hankering for something delicious. Not just anything – but something sugary and sweet! Lucky for me (and you) I knew of the perfect way to remedy this – with easy doughnuts made with apple cider vinegar!

Ellie’s favourite recipe! Apple cider vinegar doughnuts are a win!

These doughnuts are easy to make, and with the delicious flavour of our apple cider vinegar – they are hard to resist! A perfect way to fill in some time with the kids or just treat whoever is at home! (even if it’s just yourself!) As a result, we filled in an hour and had happy smiley faces all round.

The original recipe can be found here, I’ve just altered it to include our apple cider vinegar! I do have to just mention – ours look more like muffins due to the lack of a doughnut pan! You can buy doughnut pans online here.

apple cider vinegar doughnuts
Jordy certainly approved of these apple and cinnamon beauties!

See below for the run-down on how to make these apple and cinnamon beauties!

apple cider vinegar doughnuts

Source: Goulters the Vinegar People

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